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marc jarabe filmproduktion


I'm a director, cinematographer & editor based in Vienna, Austria.

With a focus on documentaries,  music videos, corporate films and brand ads, I've had the privilege of capturing stories across the globe.

My work is driven by a passion for authentic storytelling, aiming to evoke emotions and provoke thought through visually compelling narratives. Join me as we craft unforgettable experiences that inspire and resonate with audiences worldwide.

Beyond the camera, I'm a lifelong learner, constantly seeking inspiration from art, literature, and the world around me. Every project is an opportunity for growth and discovery, pushing boundaries and challenging conventions to create something truly remarkable.

Join me on this cinematic journey as we explore the beauty of humanity, the complexities of life, and the endless possibilities of storytelling. Together, let's craft unforgettable experiences that inspire, provoke, and ignite the imagination.

Let's bring your story to life.

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